Sunday Funday!

Welcome to what I call ‘Sunday Funday’.

I thought about what days I would be more likely to post on here and Sunday came to mind. Then I had the problem of trying to figure out what posts I could do periodically on a Sunday.

That’s when Sunday Funday came to my mind. And anyone who reads this can get involved too! That’s what’s so brilliant about it! Below will be a list of challenges for me to do over the course of this year (and I know I started late but I’m going to make up for it!) and each Sunday or every other Sunday, depending on how fast I can read the books, I’ll be posting my updates on the challenges, which one I’ll be doing next, what I’m finding difficult about it and so on.

So the 2017 Book Challenge begins!

  1. A book you read in school.
  2. A book from your  childhood.
  3. A book published over 100 years ago.
  4. A book published in the last year.
  5. A non-fiction book.
  6. A book written by a female author.
  7. A book written by a male author.
  8. A book that became a film.
  9. A book published in the 20th Century.
  10. A book set in your hometown/region/country.
  11. A book with someone else’s name in the title.
  12. A book with a character with my first name.
  13. A book with a number in the title.
  14. A book somebody else has recommended to you.
  15. A book with over 500 pages.
  16. A book you can finish in a day.
  17. A book that has previously been banned.
  18. A book with a one-word title.
  19. A book translated from another language.
  20. A book that will improve a specific area in your life.
  21. A book set somewhere you’ll be visiting this year.
  22. An award-winning book.
  23. A book on the New York Bestseller’s List.
  24. A book published in your birth year.

There’s really only one rule for this and that is; a different book MUST be used for each challenge.

These are just a couple of ideas that I have at the moment and I fully expect the list to expand as the year goes on and I get a few more suggestions about what I should read as well.

It would be totally awesome if you would like to take part as well and let me know how you get on. I’ll probably update this list every Sunday as I go along, adding challenges on, updating when I’ve finished a challenge or updating in general. I’m really excited to get started on this and I hope you are too!

Happy reading!




The images is from my own copy of The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen.

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