Sunday Funday!

I am back with yet another blog! In two days, maybe I’m getting my mojo back!

Anyway, I’ve not managed to start a book for this challenge yet… I know, it’s nearly March and I am so super behind but I am currently reading a book at the moment and I like to finish the one I’m reading before I start another one. That’s going to be another blog post coming at you this week anyway!

So today’s blog is a short one and is just going to be a couple more challenges that I’ve come up with for Sunday Funday and add them onto my already massive list. The new challenges I have added will be at the bottom of the list and I’ll put them in bold so you know which are which!

Let’s get on with the list;

  1. A book you read in school.
  2. A book from your  childhood.
  3. A book published over 100 years ago.
  4. A book published in the last year.
  5. A non-fiction book.
  6. A book written by a female author.
  7. A book written by a male author.
  8. A book that became a film.
  9. A book published in the 20th Century.
  10. A book set in your hometown/region/country.
  11. A book with someone else’s name in the title.
  12. A book with a character with my first name.
  13. A book with a number in the title.
  14. A book somebody else has recommended to you.
  15. A book with over 500 pages.
  16. A book you can finish in a day.
  17. A book that has previously been banned.
  18. A book with a one-word title.
  19. A book translated from another language.
  20. A book that will improve a specific area in your life.
  21. A book set somewhere you’ll be visiting this year.
  22. An award-winning book.
  23. A book on the New York Bestseller’s List.
  24. A book published in your birth year.
  25. A book where the main character is part of the LGBT community.
  26. A book where a character has a physical illness.
  27. A book where a character has a mental illness.
  28. A play

I’m really excited for the 25th challenge, just because I’ve been given a couple of good recommendations for that particular one! And I hope all you guys with give me some good suggestions as well if you have any? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

Happy reading!


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