Review: Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan

Hello! Bonjour! Guten Tag!

Welcome back to another blog post and this one is going to be a review of the book I finished reading on Saturday night – ‘Dear Amy’ by Helen Callaghan. I’m sorry I didn’t post this on Monday like I stated before on the other blog post and if you’ve seen my Twitter, you’ll know I currently have a viral infection that has kept me pretty much bed-ridden for the last two days but it’s up now! And I hope you enjoy!

I bought this book a while back and then recently signed up for GoodReads to keep a list of all the books I’ve read and want to read. It’s handy in that sense so it helps with my goal of at least 30 books to read this year. So far, I’ve read two! But anyway, that’s beside the point, I read the reviews of the book and a lot of people were saying it was quite slow and dragged a bit. Even my colleague at work (because I take the books with me to read on my breaks) said she’d read it and that it was very good but it was slow to start with.

I went into reading it with an open-mind because I don’t tend to let people’s judgement’s cloud mine when reading. I like to form my own opinion. I didn’t really think it was that slow to begin with, I feel like all the plot lines were very relevant to the story (even more so towards the end) but the only thing I did notice was the narrative style. It switched quite a bit between different timelines which felt a bit jumpy and a bit disorganised, that being said, I did manage to keep up with the storyline. Another thing I noticed was the use of language, it felt quite repetitive and sort of listing-ish in that, she was just listing what was happening followed by a huge bout of description with long, hauty words. It’s not a simple read, mind you.

Overall though, I did really enjoy the storyline! And totally did not see that ending coming at all (I won’t give any spoilers in case anyone did want to read it!) but when you think back to all the points/little Easter eggs hidden in there, you can kind of see that it was leading to the point all along but you never even realised. Maybe that’s just me and other people could guess what was going to happen. But I just thought it was very well thought out and very mysterious/suspenseful. 

I thoroughly did enjoy this book and gave it a 4/5 stars on GoodReads and would definitely recommend it to someone who enjoys mystery/thrillers. It definitely kept me gripped that I didn’t realise I’ve read 4 or 5 chapters until I stopped.

Hope you enjoyed my review! Let me know what you think it the comments below if you’ve already read it! Or if it’s on your ‘To Read’ list!

Happy reading!


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