Letters to My…

Hello and welcome back to another blog post! This one’s going to be a bit different and slightly book-related today.

So at the end of December, a friend of mine from work and I went to Amsterdam for 5 days/4 nights to celebrate the New Year! We did want to go to Dublin in Ireland but it worked a lot more expensive than going to Amsterdam and plus it was a very last minute decision. We decided late September/early October that we wanted to go away for the New Year and looked up Dublin and then Amsterdam. Then we found a cheap hostel to stay in and booked it then and there. I have, honestly, NEVER booked a holiday only a couple of months in advance. Ever. And it was definitely not without it’s stresses but Amsterdam is without a doubt an amazing place to go. I want to go back during Summer/early Autumn just to experience it without the cold temperature.

Although I could have done without the sea legs for two days after we got back!

Anyway, whilst we were there we went into a cute little independent shop that sold nic nac’s and I saw this book (pictured above) on one of the tables towards the front of the shop. There was a bunch of different types of these books;

Letters to My Future Self

Letters to My Friend

Letters to My Dad

Letters to My Mum 


But I found the one to my future self really interesting and I liked the whole ‘time-capsule’ kind of feel except with letters instead. So each page has a piece of paper folded up in an ‘envelope’ style where you can write what you want (with little prompts along the top to help you along a little);

I thought it was an amazing idea, especially to see how my life would turn out to be in the future (or even how my hand-writing may have changed!). There’s a lot of prompts to help as well like: ‘These are my roots…’, ‘Where I want to go…’, ‘All the things I’d like to try someday…’, ‘This is what I live for…’, ‘It was an extraordinary day…’, ‘I promise to myself…’, ‘There’s no place like home…’, ‘A pep talk for the future me…’, etc…

But it also comes with little stickers as well to seal the envelopes, you can date what date it was written and what date you would like to open it in the future. I assume most of mine or going to be maybe 5 or more years later. Just to really get a feel on how much my life has changed since now.


It was created by the artist Lea Redmond, who has a creative workshop called Leafcutter Designs, in case any of you wanted to check her out. It’s also part of the ‘Letters to My…’ range so there’s bound to be one that you think you could use as a present or for yourself! And it only cost me €15.95 which is about £10, or $14, if you convert it. So not bad really!

I thought I would share this amazing idea with you all in case any of you are interested or looking for a personalised/touching gift for someone close to you! Or in case you quite fancy the idea of writing to yourself in the future! I know I certainly can’t wait to get started on this!

See you all on Thursday (hopefully!) and hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know what you think in the comments, I love to read them!

Happy reading!


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