I’m just your average 20-year-old girl with a fond love of books, getting lost in their worlds, and avidly re-reading them.

My love for reading and books started when I was in Primary School, we used to get assigned reading either every week or every two weeks and I LOVED the task of having to read them before the deadline. After we’d finished reading them, we’d be asked multiple questions about them to make sure we fully understood what was happening. Safe to say my reading progressed massively so that when I entered Key Stage 2, I was reading the higher end of Key Stage 2 books/early Key Stage 3 books that were usually meant for the beginning years of Secondary School. 

From there it kind of spiraled into what I have now which is a large and vast collection of books. And it’s not just one specific genre either, my book preference is quite similar to my music preference, it really varies depending on my mood. Enter the Harry Potter books and I was completely hooked on reading, once I’d finished all seven books I just had to find the next set to read. And then when that was finished, I HAD to find the next set of books.

I hope that whoever reads this also has the same feelings as me and if I can inspire more people to get back into reading/getting lost in fictional worlds then I’d be happy.

Thanks for reading!