Current Read!

Hello all!

This week is going to be a pretty busy week for this blog as I have numerous ideas that are going to coming out this week! And I’m super excited for it!

So, in today’s blog I thought I’d give a little insight as to what I am currently reading at the moment. And that is; The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen.

This book is actually part of a trilogy by Erika Johansen and is the second book in the trilogy. The first was The Queen of the Tearling which was released in 2014 by HarperCollins and I have to say it is a fantastic read! This particular trilogy is set in the 24th century about a young girl who is actually the Queen a country called the Tearling. It’s so fascinating that I managed to finish the first book in under a week and had to wait a whole year for this next book to be released!

As soon as it was though I grabbed it instantly and began to read it. And I’ll be honest, I’ve loved the direction the story went! It was totally unexpected and I found myself addicted to it but alas, sometimes real life gets in the way and I haven’t had chance to read the book for the last couple of months. But I’m slowly getting back into it given that I’ve got a challenge for the year to get through as well.

And usually I hate having to leave a book and come back to it a while later because I feel like I’ll forget the story but with this one, I remembered instantly everything that had happened so far and it felt as if I’d not put it down to begin with.

It’s such a great follow-on story and Erika’s writing style is so easy to read and it flows really well. It’s also incredible and non-confusing how she writes the time jumps between the two parallel stories in this second novel, which is something I know I struggle with when writing or other authors tend to have a hard time with. But it’s so effortless and it’s obvious the gap between the two stories that you never become confused.

I’m currently on page 319, which is Chapter 10, and this book has 15 chapters if you include the final epilogue and a total of 511 pages so I’m not too far off finishing (which I’m gutted about!).

So this is what the book looks like without the cover on it;



They are quite plain underneath in contrast with the front cover (title picture) but I love the font of the writing of the spine. There’s something so majestic yet simple about the choice of colour and the choice of font. The front cover’s of these books are amazingly creative and they were what drew me in to begin with. I don’t have my copy of The Queen of the Tearling on hand at the moment to insert a picture of that cover but I’m sure if you search it up you’ll see. They are amazing and whoever designed them is awesome!

So far I am really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves futuristic/young adult novels and I’m not going to post the summary/synopsis of the book because of spoilers just in case anyone does want to get stuck into this trilogy.

Just as a side note as well, which I’m super excited about, I was browsing through Amazon’s book section to try and find any up-and-coming books that I may like to purchase soon (and I did find some that I’ll have to buy soon!) when I saw the front cover for the third and final book, The Fate of the Tearling! Which I’ve been waiting for for 2 years and it’s finally here! So guess who’s pre-ordered it?!

If any of you are curious, it’s release date is 29th June 2017 for those of you who would like to buy all three books in bulk order! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments if you are interested in buying it or whether you’ve already read the two books so we can fangirl/boy about it together.

Happy reading!



The images were taken from my own copy of The Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen.