Review: Hidden Figures

Welcome back to another review!

I’ve finally managed to finish Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly today and thought I might as well get my review up whilst the story is still fresh in my mind.

I have to say that although I really enjoyed the story and the background surrounding the actual events taking place, I did find that sometimes the style of writing was quite difficult to get through at points. Maybe because I’m more of a fiction-kind of reader? Also, there wasn’t a lot of dialogue in this book so if that’s something you find quite interesting then I’d suggest this book for you to read but if you struggle with that, maybe try and see if they do an audiobook of it? But I still thoroughly enjoyed it and learning about the women who were in the behind-the-scenes of NACA/NASA.

The transition between the different stories of some women were a little muddled at times but I took it at face-value and continued to read on. The book is so insightful and really makes you appreciate the efforts and the hardships that African-American’s went through during the years after the abolishment of slavery (and even before it!), even something as simple as going to the bathroom and eating lunch in a cafeteria is something that was not normal back then.

I feel like it is an amazing book which is definitely worth the hype it gets and I can’t wait to watch the film now after finishing the book. It’s something I would highly recommend to anyone who likes this sort of book or someone who would like to gain a bit more knowledge on the subject. It’s an insightful piece of literature and I’m glad I read it.

4/5 stars.


Happy reading!


Sunday Funday!

Hello all!

I’ve managed to finish reading The Invasion of the Tearling and so… that means… I can FINALLY MOVE ON TO A NEW BOOK! But I won’t be doing a review of this book (The Invasion of the Tearling) mainly because I took a long break between reading parts of it that I’d have to properly read through it again regularly to even give a decent and worthy review of it.

And so, because it’s Sunday Funday and because of the books that I included on my March Reading List, the book I am going to choose for the next two weeks (might not take me that long to finish it) to read is *drumroll please*


Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan!!


The reason I have chosen this one is because it’s the first one that I thought that I could probably get out of the way first and to really get me buckled down and into reading again. It always tends to be thrillers/horrors/mysteries that get me reading after a long bout of not doing so.

Plus, it has a name in the title AND a character with my name in it so it’s a win-win really but alas, I can’t use the same book for two challenges. Stupid rules that I came up with!


Here’s my Sunday Funday list as a reminder, and hopefully in two weeks, I can cross through the one with a character with my name in the story. And I’m excited to be able to cross of number 28 after finishing reading Doctor Faustus. I’ll let you know probably next Sunday how I get on, how far I am into the book and my first impressions of it so far.

  1. A book you read in school.
  2. A book from your childhood.
  3. A book published over 100 years ago.
  4. A book published in the last year.
  5. A non-fiction book.
  6. A book written by a female author.
  7. A book written by a male author.
  8. A book that became a film.
  9. A book published in the 20th Century.
  10. A book set in your hometown/region/country.
  11. A book with someone else’s name in the title.
  12. A book with a character with my first name.
  13. A book with a number in the title.
  14. A book somebody else has recommended to you.
  15. A book with over 500 pages.
  16. A book you can finish in a day.
  17. A book that has previously been banned.
  18. A book with a one-word title.
  19. A book translated from another language.
  20. A book that will improve a specific area in your life.
  21. A book set somewhere you’ll be visiting this year.
  22. An award-winning book.
  23. A book on the New York Bestseller’s List.
  24. A book published in your birth year.
  25. A book where the main character is part of the LGBT community.
  26. A book where a character has a physical illness.
  27. A book where a character has a mental illness.
  28. A playDoctor Faustus: the A Text by Christopher Marlowe


And as always, happy reading and I’ll see you tomorrow for another exciting blog post!